Accommodation in South London

Since 1987 Penhurst Properties has been specialising in understanding and meeting the needs of those highly mobile people of all ages seeking accommodation in the South London area.

Penhurst has a substantial and broad range of houses and apartments of varying sizes to meet a wide spectrum of budgets in areas close to public transport, shops and restaurants. These areas have an interesting and attractive combination of Victorian and Edwardian buildings supported in reasonably close proximity by Park and Common land creating a comfortable, convenient and pleasant ambience in which to live.

To help your search and minimise the hassle, Penhurst Properties has a very experienced team of 23 full time staff time staff covering lettings, administration, secretarial and maintenance. The 'hands on' Executive Board made up of 5 professional Directors in turn oversees the team and guides the Group, with the energetic support of its highly skilled Associate Director.  

All of these experienced members of our team are there to offer that personal service to ensure you find a home that suits you perfectly!